Hong Kong Retail Report

Hong Kong holds its own as a retail hub for both pioneering new brands and international high street retailers. We took to the streets to explore the many shopping malls and diverse districts the city has to offer. 

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Denim was anything but basic. Where trends drew similarities to the western market, details and styling were seen to be more directional and over exaggerated, pushing the boundaries further than other markets might be prepared to go on a commercial level. Curated ranges explored severe washes, heavy distressing using plucked and nibbled techniques through to intricate all over embroidery, badging and prints. In womenswear in particular, styling was key in re-vamping core items such as the trucker jacket, with off the shoulder styling being the most directional. Simplicity was not an option.

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With a vibrant streetwear scene, Hong Kong stores echoed creative VM and an impactful in store journey. Often carrying multiple brands, stores such as I.T and D-Mop Zone created a customer journey changing the pace throughout the store to give a different look and feel for each area. Denim was key, supported by graphic tees and core wovens in colour palettes of black, white and khaki.

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Badging and Embroidery:

As we begin to see a decline in the badging trend in the western markets, it only seems to be gaining more momentum in Hong Kong. Badging and embroideries were seen to take on all over statements across commodities, making a shift into military inspired themes in menswear and florals or novelties on womenswear. In a culture of early adopters, it’s no surprise that styling within VM was directional.

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