The Future is Bright: Adidas Futurecraft 4D

Towards the end of last year, Adidas dropped their first 3D printed shoe in what appeared to be a major step not only towards improving sustainability within their design and production process but also revolutionising the construction of footwear as we know it.

The 3D printed midsole and heel counter was clearly just the first of many steps as last week they announced their latest innovation in the form of the Futurecraft 4D – the first performance shoe with midsoles crafted with light and oxygen through Digital Light Synthesis. While all this sounds great, we're hoping to learn more about the process when the shoes launch later this year.

We’ll be in the queue for one of the 5000 pairs rumoured to release this Autumn.


In short, the process will allow Adidas to create a product more personal to each wearer’s needs as it focuses on the user’s movement, cushioning as well as comfort and can adjust and create a new membrane for the shoe's sole.

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