The Sochi Team Uniforms at the 2014 Winter Olympics opening ceremony showed off a whole world of fashion design

The Sochi team uniforms absolutely made the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics. The ceremony saw 88 Nations proudly unveil their teams and team uniforms to the 40,000 people at the Fisht Olympic Stadium and the rest of the world. The ceremony was a colourful display of patriotism as each team made their way into the arena attempting to outdo one another in the fashion stakes.

From the minimalist to the pattern clad, the athletes were well represented from a fashion point of view. Design houses such as Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Hudson Bay, H&M and Fila were employed to use their fashion expertise to create stand out uniforms for their nations.

Here’s a taste of the boldest looks from Sochi 2014:


It was hard to miss the rainbow duffle coats and red floral snow trousers worn by Germany’s athletes. One of the few countries not to dress in their national colours, Germany has received a lot of positive press for their outfits.


There was only one designer to enrol for the creation of a uniform that was smothered in patriotism and pride, Ralph Lauren. Outfits exploded with stars, stripes, rings and of course red white and blue for Team USA. A largely knitwear dominated look paired with white snow trousers created a retro alpine look that is instantly recognisable. We expected nothing less from the States.


The host nation was bound to impress with their uniform. Women wore embroidered folkloric styled coats with fur-trimmed edges and cuffs while the men wore a traditional Ushanka hat with shearling flaps and military styled overcoats with shearling lapels. Both were matched with red ski pants. The look thoroughly played into the cultural heritage of Russia.



The tongue-in-cheek aspect of Tonga’s team uniform did not go unnoticed. Mirrored palm tress and clear blue skies were printed onto thick down feather jackets, emphasising the difference between the climates of Tonga and Sochi.

The Volunteers

(See title image)

How could we miss out the volunteers? Their uniforms alone contain more colour and print than all the countries combined. Produced by Russia’s own sportswear brand Bosco, the same prints are used throughout Sochi’s marketing efforts, from busses to banners. The bold colourful prints certainly pop against the crisp white backdrop of Sochi.

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