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Our Team

Our team's collective experience means that we're able to offer a broad range of services across trend forecasting, design, buying, merchandising support, and marketing. We can tailored our team's skills, and those of our wider network, to cater to your brand's specific needs.

In House Team

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Operations & Business Development Director

Robyn oversees the operational activities at BDA London, managing in-house and remote resource planning, optimising how efficiently our teams deliver value to clients across the globe, and ensuring our services meet their needs. This includes leading new initiatives, expanding services and ensuring the business continues to evolve, while introducing new clients to our products and services. Robyn also manages our financial and accounting activities, enabling us to meet our strategic vision and future goals. With a background in retail operations, Robyn has a breadth of knowledge that seamlessly combines business operations and creative outputs.



Creative Director

Rachel has 30 years’ experience across multi-channel retailing, brand, marketing, product development, creative delivery and change management in both premium and value sectors. During this time, Rachel has played a key role setting and delivering strategies for global retailers across Europe, Asia, USA and South Africa, working hand in hand with clients to develop bespoke solutions that enable insight driven creativity and strategic growth. Creative exploration is also channelled into personal projects, including design, making, decoration and curation, she always has a project on the go!



Head of Creative

Terrie delivers trend directions and strategic intel through a bespoke lens, providing 20+ years of forecasting experience while imparting a wealth of knowledge when communicating concepts to clients and the team. She has consulted across a broad range of design markets and at all levels. With a process driven by creativity and strategic thinking, she is always seeking to evolve and stay agile within the business, and the industry as a whole. Terrie Combines creativity with strategic vision to create tangible solutions.



Senior Creative - BDA Bespoke Trend & Product

Justin has an intuitive understanding of menswear and a passion for sports and streetwear, always looking for what’s next. With a love of design and cutting edge creativity, complimented by a commercial taste level, he is skilled in providing creative solutions for client projects and workshop sessions. Previous to joining the BDA London team, where he now manages the output of our men’s, sports and footwear focussed clients, Justin spent 10+ years working as a designer across the highstreet for a range of menswear, active and streetwear brands.



Senior Creative - Trend Forecasting & Future Thinking

With 10+ years’ experience in the industry, specialising in future thinking, trend publication and bespoke client strategies, Rachel combines creative thinking and visual storytelling with a refined commercial awareness. She is skilled in delivering inspiring and considered directional content for translation across markets, and in tailoring trends of all levels – from macro to micro - to suit and develop our client’s needs and business strategies. Her meticulous eye for detail and creativity also come into play within her personal interests of interior design, illustration and hand-printing techniques.



Senior Graphic Designer & Brand Specialist

Rhys is a skilled graphic designer with an in-depth knowledge of design and typography. A lover of all things design, colour and typography, Rhys works across bespoke brand and marketing campaigns from concept to consumer facing strategies, taking emerging trends and interpreting them for our client's specific needs. He has a keen eye for new and innovative design ideas, drawing inspiration from across industries from music and film to food, drink and sports.



Bespoke Trend & Product Creative - Menswear & Sportswear

Kayla works on bespoke trend and product analysis with a focus on menswear, street and activewear. Kayla has her finger on the pulse when it comes to streetwear culture and the key influences surrounding it. She combines this knowledge with in depth analysis of shifts within the retail space and an acute awareness of bigger picture trends and consumer behaviour shifts. Kayla is also responsible for our social content planning, digital marketing and online identity. With a background in design, styling and photography Kayla has a keen eye for detail.



Bespoke Trend & Product Creative - Womenswear & Kidswear

Mollie’s passions lay within trend forecasting, and since joining the BDA London team she has focused predominantly on the women’s, children’s and youth markets. From forecasts to focused strategic intel and workshops with buying teams, Mollie has a 360-degree view of major shifts within the fashion and retail industry. She curates inspiring intel balanced by an informed commercial grounding. A career encompassing trend forecasting and retail drives Mollies strategic approach to problem-solving.



Graphic Designer

Sophie is a graphic designer with over 5 years’ experience working in the industry across retail clients. Specialising in branding and identity, Sophie creates bespoke solutions that are both creative and commercially viable. Sophie loves all aspects of design and fashion, and is always on the lookout for new and innovative directions and applications.



Junior Trend & Future Thinking Creative

Cat marries creativity with future-thinking to assist with the development of our trend and forecasting publications and macro focussed client outputs. Having a keen eye for newness and an intrinsic curiosity for bigger picture thinking, Cat is skilled in identifying shifts in consumer behaviour. She applies this knowledge across fashion and lifestyle categories, analysing how these shifts will impact future buying trends and attitudes. Cat also has a keen interest in new developments within sustainable design and circular fashion.



Junior Bespoke Trend & Product Creative

A recent fashion design graduate with a keen interest in product innovation and brand strategy, Katie works across BDA London bespoke client outputs. Katie supports brands across commodities, but specialises in men’s and sportswear trend forecasting and product strategy. Katie is passionate about travelling and in her spare time can be found illustrating, or keeping an eye on the latest fashion and retail trends.



Junior Bespoke Trend & Product Creative




Finance Manager

With a background in accounting, Mayra works alongside the BDA London management team to oversee all aspects of finance across the business, informing key decisions and influencing the strategic direction of the business.



Studio Manager

Katie is the go to support across the creative and admin/operations team in the day to day running of the studio. With a fashion background she has a keen understanding of clients’ needs, and what each project and client needs in order to be delivered effectively. Katie supports the entire team, driving staff engagement across all levels of the business, and encouraging strong communication and planning.

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