The New Wave: Graduate Fashion Week

Graduate Fashion Week 2018 brings together the best new fashion and graduate talent from all over the UK to showcase at The Truman Brewery, Shoreditch. Final major projects and runway collections are out in full force as we went along to discover the next generation of  upcoming designers and creatives.

Freedom of expression in third year projects allows university students to explore their interests and passions and we've picked three key themes that have stood out so far across apparel collections, marketing plans, zines and print design.


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Gender is thee hot topic right now and promotion and marketing students explored the ideals and roles of gender and how gender relates to clothing. Non Binary, Gender Queer and Gender Neutral ideas were explored through silhouettes, zines and websites.

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Print and textile designs feature facts, figures and slogans protesting and supporting key political messages. Students research showed key inspiration came from global issues and campaigns such as #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter and #WomensRights and had a digital element and millennial standpoint.

Gfw Bda London 7A Gfw Bda London 12B


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By far the biggest theme across GFW, all courses explored elements of sustainability. It's encouraging to see how ethical sourcing, recycling and conscious creation are a prime focus for many young designers. From reusing cut off waste and natural fabrics to consumer sustainability and consumer consumption the next generation are primed to make a difference across the fashion industry.

Edinburgh University even created their display stand with waste and reusable elements. 

Gfw Bda London 2A Gfw Bda London 9A

A big congratulations to all those graduating in the class of 2018!