Introducing: Feminist Instagrammer @Badass.Femme

We recently sat down with graphic designer, and genuine badass, Lucia Picerno to discuss her inspirational instagram account @badass.femme and how she's doing her part to promote feminism and equality through all things beautiful. 

What was your inspiration for starting Badass Femme?

I decided to create badass femme in order to encourage myself to do more work that I love. I believe in the power of images and I think combined with social media they are a very effective way of communicating with my generation and younger ones. The zeitgeist of these past few years has been very 'equality and feminist-oriented' and I really identify with those ideals. I believe in equality of all kinds and there's no better moment to shout it to the winds than today. Drawing and lettering are my preferred form of expression so I'm harnessing my talents in order to communicate that message.

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What’s the process when you’re working on a piece?
My process is very organic, I usually just start drawing on my iPad and see where it leads me, more often than not the piece shapes itslef. I used to work a lot with gouache and acrylics but since I got an iPad I haven't looked back! 

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Who would you say is the ultimate Badass Femme?
I think we all have a badass femme inside us :), we just have to listen to that voice telling us we can do it and we deserve it and that we rock. There are some very inspiring women out there but Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is probably at the top of my list.

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Any plans to start a Badass Homme? Why/why not?
I think men already have a big enough platform to communicate their issues so they don't need my humble help.

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Are there any other inspiring accounts you can recommend? 
Yes! so many but here are a few that I'm really loving at the moment - @nowrongwaymovement , @frances_cannon and @subliming.jpg

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What’s next for Badass Femme?
I'm working on some exciting products and projects! I will start selling prints very soon and I'm working on developing a line of phone cases. I chose phone cases because we carry our phones everywhere, even to bed!, so I think they are the ideal place to display empowering messages that will inspire us and our friends. So stay tuned on my Instagram (@badass.femme) for my website and shop launch!