Big Ideas Set to Impact 2018

A new year brings a new set of challenges as continued uncertainty across global landscapes creates further unpredictability around consumer behaviour. Brands will be forced to react more rapidly and step out of their comfort zones of traditional retailing in order to remain competitive.

BDA London have collated our key retail predictions that we believe will shape and evolve the industry in the upcoming year.

1.  Data Optimisation 

Streamlining manufacturing, aligning supply and demand for a more agile and efficient process. 

2. Future Retail

Unpredictable retail will heighten the importance of online retailing. 

3. Community Spirit

Be Real. Be You. Be Authentic. Individuality, being true to yourself and loving what makes a person or community unique will be the differentiator. 

4. Athleisure 

Athleisure evolves beyond a single product genre to align with consumer’s lifestyles and demands for longevity and versatility in everyday garments. 

5. Clean up

It’s time to clean up the waste-embodied fashion industry.