Copenhagen Highlights

Back from the city of Copenhagen, we were lucky to discover the beauty of the city and as well as the various fashion stores, pop-ups and markets, in the colourful Danish streets.

On this trip, we came across three stores that stood out for their singularity, products, colours and influence.

The streetwear fashion store Naked transports us into a white interior, with rosé touches that dress the colours of the products. We visited Acne, known for its minimalist style, displaying a room dressed in reflections of mirrors, lights illuminated clothing and accessories.

Last but most definitely not least, Hay House was our most treasured discovery! This Scandi brand offers furniture, stationary and design products with a contemproary aesthetic.

NAKED : Discover the pinky pale paradise

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ACNE : Dive into the darkroom

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HAY : Enter in the most contemporary supermarket

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