London Exhibitions: Fashioned From Nature

Sustainability has been a huge talking point among retailers as brands delve deeper into how their processes affect the environment. We, as a society, have become more conscious of the demand fast fashion is creating and the huge impact it's having on the planet. As a result brands are more openly sourcing alternative methods of creating clothing whilst combating this growing problem. 

What many may not know, is that clothing has not always been made from synthetic fibres as Fashioned From Nature explores the complex relationship between fashion and nature, dating from the 1600's through to present day. The exhibition showcases contemporary fashion pieces alongside historical garments as well as new fabrics and dyeing processes to educate visitors further on the journey our garments would typically take from concept through to shop floor.

Is sustainability just another fad as retailers take advantage of the 'go green' hype and take it as new approach to marketing? With only a small percentage of the production process or fabric content being counted towards being 'sustainable', we hope this trend won't blow over as consumers eyes are finally being exposed to the importance of protecting our earth by reducing our wastage and carbon foot print. 

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"My aim is that one day sustainability is no longer seen as something shouldn't be luxury, it should be every day, it should be absolutely hot-wired from the very, very beginning."

- Edwina Ehrman; Curator of Fashioned From Nature