Gucci goes fur free

The luxury $12.7 billion company with go fur-free in their spring-summer 2018 collection as Gucci joins the "Fur-Free Alliance", and will no longer use any type of animal fur including: coyote, mink, fox, rabbit or karakul. 

A charity auction of the Italian fashion house’s remaining animal fur items will be held, with the proceeds going to the animal rights organisations: Humane Society International, and LAV.

CEO of Gucci Marco Bizzarri argues that fur is "outdated", and that “creativity can jump in many different directions instead of using furs”.

Fox and mink are the most popular animals worn in Britain, with the industry worth almost £22 billion worldwide. 

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Humane Society International President Kitty Block: “Gucci going fur-free is a game-changer”, and will create a “huge ripple effect throughout the world of fashion”

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