The Rise Of Homeware Hotels

Homeware has become a growing, exciting and innovative category with a diverse range of creative pop-ups. Here we explore two concepts that have caught our eye that are design game changers and retail concept drivers. 

Now homeware brands are branching out further than before, into branded hotels. With the Muji Hotel in China recently opening and the 6 scheduled launches of the West Elm Hotels state side, 2018 is a big year for homeware brands engaging with customers via new retail concepts and experiences.

The Muji hotel follows suit of its stores, being minimal and inherently Japanese within its design. Their no-brand quality goods translates into their hotel spaces with careful considerations for their guests, providing a reading space, no frills restaurant and 'essentials only' rooms.

Taking A Different approach, West Elm has stayed true to their core brand aesthetic. Maximising design with a 'Local maker' approach, each location will showcase it's own design flair in response to it's location. Targeting modern travellers who are looking to stay in a hotel that expresses their personal style, West Elm aim to provide a 'Delightfully eclectic design and an authentic independent spirit' in all of their hotels. 

Muji Hotel - Shenzhen, China

Muji Hotel Signage 02 Muji Hotel Library 01
Muji Hotel Bedroom Signage 03

West Elm Hotels - USA

West Elm Hotels Bda London 02 West Elm Hotels Bda London 01

We look forward to the opening of the West Elm hotels and to see if Muji's next minimalist hotel will be outside of China.