Introducing: Sustainable Brand, Juta Shoes

We visited sustainable brand Juta Shoes and chatted to founders, Joanna and Sabeha to discover more about their fabric reclamation and fashion for good approach at their weekly East London workshop. In the space of an hour we watched the Juta shoes makers create sandals from scratch. Selecting, cutting, moulding and sewing shoes together by hand for online orders, store and bespoke pieces.

The Juta team is passionate about creating community and waste change all whilst having fun creating, exploring and learning new skills. 

Here’s what we learnt about Juta Shoes…

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After meeting through social enterprise work in their local communities two years ago, Joanna and Sabeha wanted to create local job opportunities balanced with social and environmental change. The pair decided to create shoes made from reclaimed materials that would provide skill development opportunities in and around East London.

Through a successful kick-starter and social enterprise grants, Juta began making shoes and slippers alongside hosting master classes for others to learn to make their own pair of shoes.

Juta Shoes Sustainable Shoes Bda London Clo Tomalin 06

Using off cuts from local leather makers and less traditional materials from coffee bags and scrapped sofa seating, Juta are making shoes and slippers whilst constantly trailing new sustainable methods of production to tackle one of fashion’s biggest problems - fabric waste.

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"Community engagement is key for us. We help local women build confidence, learn new skills for employment when there are language, family or care restraints"

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We predict a bright future for Juta as this people and product brand aims to grow and expand their current product range beyond shoes, at a time when the all of the spotlights point towards sustainable fashion.