La Famiglia Rana Pasta Pop-Up

Italian pasta brand, La Famiglia Rana Grocer has landed in London for a five week pop-up on Marylebone High Street, showcasing their pastas and love for artisan fresh produce and ingredients. Creating a home from home environment, the brand have brought their passion for food to life through captivating culinary displays showcasing the individual ingredients that create their delicious pasta. Appealing to customer's growing need for experiential retail experience, Rana are offering tastings, cookery advice and brand savvy staff to tell and sell the story of the family brand. 

Rana Pasta Pop Up Chloe Bdalondon8 Rana Pasta Pop Up Chloe Bdalondon7

The immersive space is decorated with fruit, vegetables and flowers which are all available to purchase. Shelves are decorated with authentic Italian olives, oils and artisan homeware. 

Rana Pasta Pop Up Chloe Bdalondon6 Rana Pasta Pop Up Chloe Bdalondon3

The inclusive pop up promotes shopping, snapping and sharing in store, inviting customers to share their experience with their friends and family - and perhaps persuading them to bring someone else along to one of their 50 workshops covering pasta making, flower arranging and cookery class classics. 

Rana Pasta Pop Up Chloe Bdalondon1 Rana Pasta Pop Up Chloe Bdalondon5

With a chef on hand, cooking Rana pasta to try in store, you can also pick cheeses and meats from their kitchen come delicatessen counter to take home. Each area of the store is a feast for the eyes, with rich colours coming from each corner of the store, representing one of the pasta flavours from the range.

Rana Pasta Pop Up Chloe Bdalondon4 Rana Pasta Pop Up Chloe Bdalondon3

The Rana pasta pop-up is a really authentic, true to brand pop-up experience that involves all 5 of the senses and makes you hungry too! As big foodies at BDA London we're big fans of the Rana pasta pop-up and will be sure to visit again before it closes on the 16th December.