This week we've taken the time to check out some of London's latest exhibitions. The Fashion and Textiles Museum was our first port of call, where T-Shirt: Cult - Culture - Subversion is currently showing. 

This exhibition charts the history of everyones wardrobe staple, the humble t-shirt. Starting off as an undergarment, the exhibition explores its evolution and role in everything from rebellion during the peak of punk to its more recent use in protest, for example the Dior SS17 'We Should All Be Feminists' slogan tee. 

As well as an incredibly impressive selection of t-Shirts, there's also a great collection of recent photography focusing on the must have item.

You'll easily lose track of time learning about the vibrant and varied history of the t-shirt. We highly recommend paying the exhibition a visit before it closes on May 6th. 

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