London Exhibitions: The Future Starts Here

Currently on at the V&A until November 4th, The Future Starts Here explores new technologies which will change the way we live whilst provoking thoughts around ‘What makes us human?’, ‘Does democracy still work?’ and ‘Who wants to live forever?.

Prolonging life was a huge focus, with the Cryonics Institute aiming to ‘preserve’ people after death and to resurrect them at some point in the future. We're not too sure how this'll work if you're already dead.

The exhibition also analyses the ways in which technology continues to impact our day to day. With our dependancy on smart technology showing no signs of slowing down, brands examine ways in which we can maximise efficiencies as part of our busy lifestyles.

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Whilst some of the topics are both questionable and daunting, the information and outputs are both engaging and endless. Be sure to check out our Big Ideas Set to Impact 2018 post where the BDA London team delve further into macro thinking and its impact on the everyday.