London Fashion Week Menswear Autumn Winter 19: Top 5 Takeouts

Men's Fashion Week is kicked off this week in London. Take a quick look at BDA London's Top 5 takeouts from across the shows!


Menswear remains smart and refined in AW19, however this season it can be seen to take a softer approach towards tailoring. Silhouettes are more loosely fitted and overall more relaxed.


Bright olympic blue was an exciting colour entry in London. The intense, refreshing colour breathed life into the runways, being especially popular throughout casual wear. 


Corduroy continues to be a key fabric for the AW months. The fabric is updated to richer and more sophisticated tones this season, being applied to smart, yet relaxed silhouettes.


The ultimate wintry print and texture comes in the form of the brushed check.  Updated this season through an oversized print and use of subtle accent colours such as reds and whites. 


Piping was a key detailing trend throughout the menswear shows. Used as a subtle detail and accent to a garment, there to both highlight and create structure.