Missguided - Keep On Being You

In a confusing time where being different is celebrated and encouraged, yet simultaneously reproached and punished, Missguided have launched their latest campaign urging people to "Keep on being you". The idea is reflected through their choice of models which varies from advocate Munroe Bergdorf to singer Seann Miley Moore - meet the cast here.

Missguided say that they're "on a mission to inspire you - "our babes" - to feel unashamedly confident in being yourself. It's all about embracing your flaws, ignoring the haters, celebrating what makes you unique and always striving to be that little bit extra. Because f*ck being perfect. Just be you babe. It’s a really great look." 

Inspire yourself & take a look at the video below.

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"Keep On Being You, It's Really A Great Look"