A Ć W* x Nike Pop Up

We were excited to have an invite to the A-COLD-WALL* and Nike collaboration exhibition in the heart of Shoreditch.

From the door you were greeted by team members wearing white Nike and A Ć W* overalls with a dirty and gritty design edge, with black paint splattered effects all over. 

As we stepped in we were instantly confronted with a huge caged maze around 2 metres high, introducing the collaboration aesthetic and the elements of two brands becoming one for this exciting partnership. The maze guided you to a small black painted entrance… 

Bdalondon Nike Acold Wall1 Bdalondon Nike Acold Wall2

Crouching down we walked through the black doorway into the cave, appearing into a cinema room where the A Ć W* and Nike collaboration outfit is on display. Beyond that we were able to get up close to the collection pieces.

Bdalondon Nike Acold Wall5 Bdalondon Nike Acold Wall6

The aesthetics were more than just A Ć W* and Nike, they had also collaborated with the Architectural Association to further develop the pop-ups look and feel, reflecting the design heritage, influences and the two brands design values.

Bdalondon Nike Acold Wall7 Bdalondon Nike Acold Wall4

We felt the whole experience walking through and into the main room was a huge sculpture and art piece, showcasing how the mind of Samuel Ross (A Ć W* CEO) works. All of the final pieces looked amazing and the footwear shows elements of luxury with a streetwear twist.

Bdalondon Nike Acold Wall8 Bdalondon Nike Acold Wall9

The overall experience wasn’t what we were expecting, especially after all the hype. On an art level the set up was an innovative and fresh way to display luxury streetwear in a way that included further collaboration with architecture design students.