Our Top Tech from CES 2018

BDA see's 2018 as the year of self-care and integration. The health and fitness market is forever on the rise and the Consumer Electronics Show was in abundance of technology that allows you to seamlessly fuse this into our everyday lives. Overall we saw the biggest themes were to enhance your quality of life/health and remove any complicated difficulties, and that's something we can certainly get behind. Check out our top picks below;

As we see self care and sleep satisfaction become increasingly important in 2018, Nokia Sleep becomes the next home-integrated system for your lifestyle. Nokia Sleep analyses your sleeping patterns, day by day, sending live data straight to your smartphone along with information on how to improve your slumber.

Philips aims to revolutionise the beauty industry with their Skincare Assessment System. Designed to report back to the user on problem areas that suffer from sun damage, dehydration, over use of creams and make up products and how to make better skincare choices.


L'oréal kept the self care trend going with their Wearable UV Sensor, in collaboration with designer Yves Béhar. The simple device (smaller than a thumbnail) allows the user to track sun exposure as a way of lowering the risk of skin cancer, with all data sent to your smartphone. 


Black Box VR was our biggest highlight from the show; combining fitness and virtual reality. The main concept is to increase a motivation to work out from the comfort of your own home, whilst keeping the mind engaged in one of the interactive games.