Radical Luxury: An Exploration

On until Sunday 28th February (so be quick over the bank holiday weekend) Selfridges, London is home to the Radical Luxury installation which explores what luxury means in today's world and what it will look like going forward. 

Everyday BDA London are continually exploring the definitions of luxury and questioning both the perceptions and radical changes the luxury market is going through....and there are exciting times ahead.

No longer reserved for the upper classes, simple factors like cheaper price points and wider availability creates a hunger and need for products with the consumer. 

Is this evolution positive and sustainable? We're not 100% sure but with boundaries between business, smart, casual and lux continuing to merge, wardrobes, classes and perceptions may eventually blur into one?

Either way luxury is becoming a lot less literal than it once was and is open to personal interpretation. Is it time? An experience? A product? 

Check out below our favourite out-takes from our recent visit.