London Retail: Zara AR

Zara launches their latest folk inspired capsule collection in an exciting new way - by showcasing the collection in augmented reality. Zara's latest app (ZaraAR) allows you to view virtual models located in specified hotspots in store and in store windows, wearing decorative spring pieces with a different look displayed every day.

As exciting as AR is, we are puzzled as to what the purpose of the technology is - are they creating PR/Marketing experience, trying to drive traffic through the app or is this the future of fashion? It's great that they are trying to pioneer a new way of shopping, however, between loading times, jittery models and potentially having your phone stolen out of your hands while holding it up to the window, it seems as though it adds in another step to the process of buying. 

Whilst we feel it was quite underwhelming, the fact that Zara is the first retailer to do this on a mass consumer/commercial level with very little lag and bugs is pretty impressive. We look forward to see how this develops and how other retailers will challenge this from a marketing and PR perspective.

Zar1 Zar3
Zzr4 Zar2