The Latest 'Super Material'

To coincide with the start of Climate Week in New York City, American sportswear giant Nike introduced its latest “super material” — Flyleather — as part of its latest development to improve sustainability throughout the business. 

Engineered from recycled leather fibres that are melded together with a polyester blend, fibres are formed into a paste which are then rolled into sheets of leather. Any leftovers or remains are added back into the scrap heap to reproduce back into the paste, creating a ‘closed loop cycle’.

According to Nike, Flyleather “boasts a carbon footprint that's 80 percent smaller than traditional, full-grain leather and needs 90 percent less water to produce”.

To top it off, Nike claims that Flyleather is “40 percent lighter than traditional full-grain leather, as well as five times stronger”, ensuring that function and aesthetics aren’t compromised for the final product.