We're In Berlin!

As the team arrives in Berlin for the latest AW18 shows, we round up some of our favourite things to do, in and around the city.

If you love chicken then this is a must. Found in Kreuzberg, this tiny restaurant offers up some of the best wings we’ve ever tasted. The menu is simple yet effective with a focus on quality rather than variety. Expect to wait for a seat but trust us, it’ll be worth it.

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Solebox, Soto and Firmament are honourable mentions when it comes to sneakers in Berlin, but Overkill just pips them for us with a great range of footwear and apparel across a men’s and women’s store….they’re next door to each other. Though space is tight and product is stacked to the ceiling, some great housing principles make it easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. This is always at the top of our list (well Justin’s) when we’re in town.

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For a bar/club, this place is small - from the outside you’ll be wondering what’s behind this simple door, but once inside you’ll find an intimate encounter with Berlin’s nightlife. A little bigger than a living room, Farbfernseher is a low lit box room offering a mix of eclectic house with twist of industrial décor.

The other obvious mention is The Berghain. All the rumours are true. The queueing. Serge the doorman. The etiquette. If you’re fortunate to get in, it’s an experience like no other. Our last visit is definitely not something we can share. Sorry.


Voo Store offers a wide range of contemporary fashion across men’s and womenswear. Situated through a quaint courtyard, the modern space hosts a variety of brands from Gosha Rubchinisky and Helmut Lang to Champion and New Balance. The modern store design feels stripped back yet compliments the curated product range. Make sure you bring your purse/wallet.

Doppel Berlin Voo Store 1

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