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Weekly Roundup

Here's what's got us talking this week...

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Museum of the Future

Dubai’s new Museum of the Future has been revealed, blurring science, technology and the environment within an immersive experience. The space aims to transform our perception of the future 50 years from now. The seven-floor complex showcases exhibitions on health, food, water, transportation, tech, sustainability, outer space and human wellbeing.

Adidas x spinnova collaboration

Tiffany & Co. x Daniel Arsham

Tiffany & Co have launched their second collaboration alongside artist Daniel Arsham, creating a basketball celebrating the NBA All-Stars weekend. The partnership centres a basketball with Arsham’s signature diamond pattern and textures in the brand’s classic Tiffany blue shade. Arsham has designed a retail concept opening in Cleveland featuring a half-court to champion play.

doors. NYFW pop-up shop experience foil metallic store

Uber's Crypto Futures

Uber plans to embrace a future of blockchain, allowing consumers to pay for their rides and food deliveries with cryptocurrency. However, plans are on hold until the technology becomes less expensive and better for the planet. Household brands are already accepting cryptocurrency, with McDonald’s taking Bitcoin in El Salvador, Tesla accepting Dogecoin and PayPal adding Ethereum to its offering.

Greggs x Primark fashion pie handbag

The Four-Day Work Week

Belgium is the latest country to legalise the right of workers to earn a full salary while compressing their workweek to four days. Employers can turn down these requests with a written explanation, but the move is expected to encourage more Belgians into the labour force while improving the productivity of those currently in it.

burberry rodeo drive Beverly Hills

Boohoo Beauty

Boohoo has launched a vegan, cruelty-free range comprising 50 products from make-up to beauty accessories. The launch centres on-trend make-up looks with pigmented eyeshadows, liquid blush and setting sprays providing a glowy finish. Accessories include brush cleaners, light-up mirrors, and a fast-drying hair wrap at accessible prices.

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