Theme Bases

Each theme is centred on a base palette of four key tones, which we then build on with a series of complimentary pairings.

Key Harmony Stories

Within each theme we explore two key directions that play off of the base palette. For each, we introduce three harmony tones. In some cases, these tones are borrowed from across the season's themes, creating a more succinct offering.


For each harmony story, we show how you can combine the base palette, harmonies and core tones in commercial combinations.

Inspirational colour direction 2 years ahead of the season.

Trendhub Colour is our introduction to the new season, setting the tone for what's come.

Use this book to kickstart your creative planning for the season, and dive into our market specific digital trendbooks - Womenswear, Menswear, Kidswear and Activewear - for a greater understanding of colour usage, material, detail, form and style.