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Comprehensive trend direction 2 years ahead of the season


Key Influences to Introduce the Theme

We highlight the drivers behind the theme, from conceptual projects and innovations to key cultural references.

Inspiration to set the Scene

Our overriding look and feel pages bring together inspirational mood imagery, and the key design

elements of the theme, to inspire and inform.

Your Complete Colour Toolkit

Fully referenced colour palettes are supported by core seasonal tones and trend accents, along

with key finishes for wood and metal. Harmonies showcase key colour pairings.


The Bigger Picture

An introduction to the season, outlining key shifts in consumer behaviour, specific to the market.

These overarching ideas are set to impact the market throughout the course of the season.

The Season's Must-Haves

Highlighting the key overarching design elements of the season, from must-have colours to details

and items. This is your must-have check-list for the season.


Materials & Finishes

An edit of the must-have materials and finishes across hard and soft products and surfaces. The key directions for each theme.

Trims & Details 

Showcasing key trims and finishing details, from hardware updates, hem treatments and essential textures to commercial material combinations.

Tactile Fabric Pack Add-on

Upgrade your digital trendbook with the addition of a tactile fabric pack. Featuring a selection of physical seasonal fabric swatches, curated by theme. Complete with essential mill and composition info.


Form & Style

Highlighting key design elements within each theme, focussing on shape and texture across home furnishings and accessories.

Print & Pattern Design Stories

The key print and pattern themes, including all-overs and graphic placements. Our books include a suite of downloadable original and editable artworks for each theme.


Focussed design capsules, highlighting key product areas specific to each of our five seasonal themes. Designed to be applied to your range build, and to guide your seasonal marketing, and visual merchandising.

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Metallic Waves




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