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OUR LDN: Hannah

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Hiya! I'm Hannah, one of the Project Managers here at BDA London. This month marks only my 1 year anniversary in London but it's quickly become my home and I can't imagine ever living anywhere else. There's always something to do and new things opening all the time, you can never get bored.

I live in South West London so there are a few secret gems in my LDN that you might have to venture out on the Northern Line for, but they're totally worth it!



As a booklover I try and make the effort to buy from only independent stores and Bloomsbury boasts some of the best booksellers in London. Top tip is to follow the trail from Charing Cross Road up to Bloomsbury, stopping in at the British Museum on the way. Must-visits are London Review Bookshop, Persephone Books and Gay’s the Word (the UK’s first, and last surviving, specialist LGBTQ+ bookshop).


Megan’s-on-the-Hill in Balham has arguably one of the prettiest interiors in South London. This is mine and my friends go to on a weekend when we don’t want to venture too far. The shakshorizo eggs and halloumi open kebab are definitely worth the trip out on the Northern Line!


I’m all for a casual date night so a good bar and live music are normally on the agenda. Village Underground in Shoreditch usually has a great line-up and it’s also a really unique space. Staying in Shoreditch, my other top picks would be The Old Blue Last and The Blues Kitchen.


My friends and I love using the awful London weather as an excuse to wonder around a gallery or head to the cinema. Along the Southbank, the BFI Cinema always has a great selection of films showing and the Hayward Gallery next door is also definitely worth a visit. Alternatively, grab an umbrella and walk a little further along to the Tate Modern. There's also a whole host of great pubs all along the river to hide from the wet weather in.


I’ve gone for a hidden gem very local to me in South West London. One of South London’s oldest indoor markets, Broadway Market in Tooting has a great, eclectic mix of bars and restaurants. My personal favourites are Plot, The Sea Garden and Bordelaise (a tiny French restaurant with really good wine). Perfect for low-key date nights.


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