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OUR LDN: Kayla

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Hi, I'm Kayla, assistant creative consultant at BDA London. I moved to London two years ago and was completely overwhelmed by all the exciting spaces and places in and around the city. I am constantly exploring and finding my new favourites, whether it be food, drinks, new activities or just a beautiful view. From the many places I have visited, these spots keep having me go back for more...



Kalifornia Kitchen is definitely my latest favourite lunch spot after their jackfruit & guac taco blew me away! This beautifully decorated vegan restaurant offers delicious, nutritious and sustainably sourced food in a bright and cheerful setting. I am yet to try everything on the menu.


I am not one to visit a place too many times as there are so many places to see, however, The Prince always seems to lure me back in. My favourite thing about Prince is the lush botanic decoration that makes you feel like you're in another world. This eccentric spot offers a great energy, snacks at the back and live sports (if you're into that).


WC (Wine & Charcuterie), located underneath Clapham Common tube station, used to serve as a water closet about 100 years ago and has now transformed into a cosy venue with slate-style cheeseboards, craft beers and good wine.


I love being outdoors and amongst nature, which is why I absolutely adored Hitch Wood. Walking through the forest during Bluebell season was something out of a fairytale. Although Hitchin is towards the outer side of London, it is well worth the journey.


I could spend all day at Petersham Nurseries! Their wholesome and hearty dishes are absolutely delicious both in the cafe' and teahouse. The rugged farm-style decor sets the scene and is available to purchase in the greenhouse next door. If you love quirky, characterful decor items this little nursery will not disappoint.


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