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The Weekly Roundup

Here's what's got us talking this week...

Miu Miu Tennis CLub

Patagonia Campaign to Boost Ocean Health

On Thursday 8th June, World Oceans Day 2023, Patagonia launched an international environmental campaign focused on ocean protection and restoration. The outdoor apparel brand is “mobilising individuals and calling on governments to end the harmful practice of bottom trawling, a method of fishing that is extremely harmful to ocean health and biodiversity”. The campaign includes films, a website, a petition, and events across Europe.

Aeire Smoothez Shapewear

Sebago X Drake's

Sebago, the nautical clothing and footwear brand, has unveiled a new footwear collaboration with British brand Drake’s, for spring/summer 2023. The collaboration consists of Drake’s reinterpreting a series of classic Sebago styles, using hand-picked materials and finishes that “honour the much-loved originals”.

Halsey AF94

Tencent X WeChat Pay

Tencent will begin to introduce palm recognition through its WeChat Pay service. The verification method will be used in locations and settings including offices, retail outlets, college campuses, and restaurants. Users simply need to hold their hands over designated scanners, and an automatic payment is made. The technology which is developed by the AI lab YouTu, scans both the surface-level palm prints as well as hand veins.

Mr Price Coca Cola

Marks & Spencer Beauty Recycling Programme

Marks & Spencer has unveiled a new Beauty Take-back Scheme in partnership with recycling firm Handle. The initiative will allow customers to return any form of plastic or aluminium beauty packaging from any retailer into dedicated in-store Marks & Spencer boxes located in the beauty departments. The materials and components will then be used to create new packaging and products.

Nike Style Seoul

Ecopel X DyeCoo

After a three-year collaboration prompted by Kering, Ecopel and DyeCoo have announced a recycled polyester fur that is dyed without using water. To avoid using water, the process utilises CO2, and gives a look and feel close to sheepskin. The process is not a novelty for DyeCoo, but the challenge was applying it to produce fake furs for French specialist Ecopel.

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