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The Weekly Roundup

Here's what's got us talking this week...

ganni resale fashion editorial

Ganni Resale

Ganni has launched a resale platform in collaboration with Reflaunt, a resale service with 50 million second-hand customers. The Ganni Repeat resale model rolled out across the UK, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, with future plans for expansion. With renting, repairing and take-back schemes already on offer, the brand emphasise the importance of circular fashion solutions.

luna rossa Prada pirelli sailing team Ogyre

Luna Rossa & Ogyre

The Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli sailing team has partnered with Ogyre, the first global platform that allows anyone to clear litter from the sea through fishermen.

Luna Ross pledged to remove 6 tons of litter and plastics from the sea over their 3-year partnership as they help raise awareness about marine ecosystems.

shiseido x revieve beauty

Shiseido x Revieve

Smart beauty continues to evolve as Shiseido partners with Revieve to launch an AI makeup advisor, matching consumers to items based on their beauty goals. After uploading a selfie and answering a series of questions, the AI analysis tool will recommend Shiseido products followed by a virtual try-on feature.

whistles kidswear

Whistles Launches Kidswear

Whistles have unveiled a 44-piece unisex collection catering for ages three to nine. The new range features casual sweatshirts, staple denim pieces and sporty co-ords. Most of the collection is crafted from responsible materials with an eco-conscious approach.

levi's pride collection LGBTQ+ love

Levi's Pride Collection

Levi’s has unveiled a Pride collection dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community, championing diversity and inclusion. The range comprises genderless silhouettes from a boxy denim jacket to a corset denim skirt with 70s-inspired fonts and multi-coloured patches.

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