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The Weekly Roundup

Here's what's got us talking this week...

adidas x balenciaga

Adidas x Balenciaga

Adidas is back with yet another collaboration, this time partnering with luxury fashion house Balenciaga. The 33-piece collection debuted on Balenciaga’s resort 2023 runway show, launched instantly on Balenciaga’s website. The range pairs Balenciaga’s voluminous silhouettes with Adidas’ triple stripe motif and sporty styles as the collaboration tests the boundaries of luxury within the fashion industry.

stella mccartney mushroom bag with chain

Stella McCartney's Mushroom Bag

Stella McCartney has unveiled the brand’s first mushroom leather bag made from Mylo by Bolt Threads. The luxury bag will start with a limited run of 100, with plans for Mylo to integrate into the brand’s main range of bags from 2023. More companies are experimenting with mycelium, from Lululemon to Hermès, as biomaterials pave the way for a more sustainable fashion industry.

harry's house pop up shops new york

Harry's House Pop-Up Shops

In celebration of his new album Harry’s House, Harry Styles has launched nine global pop-up shops selling exclusive merchandise, from apparel to a limited album zine, offering fans an interactive touchpoint. In the UK, the pop-up partnered with American Express as they launched its location, giving its members early access and the chance to win 100 pairs of tickets to the artist's album release show at the 02 Academy Brixton.

amazon style fashion store

Amazon Launches Fashion Store

Amazon has opened its first fashion store in California, merging physical retail with app-styled interactions. The expansive Amazon Style store provides online and IRL try-ons, palm recognition at checkouts and in-store styling based on algorithm suggestions. Similar to its other physical stores like Amazon Go, the store will feature Just Walk Out technology as the store works to make the clothes shopping experience more seamless.

kirin holdings smart chopsticks

Kirin Holdings Unveils Smart Chopsticks

Japanese company Kirin Holdings have created a wearable device in collaboration with researchers at Meiji University that uses electric currents to make food taste salty. The Taste-Adjusting Chopsticks utilise the electrical stimulation to enhance the taste of food without having to add extra salt to help those on low-salt diets, offering an alternative without compromising the taste. This is something to track across the food and beverage industry as we see companies harness our senses to provide tasting experiences beneficial to our health.

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