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The Weekly Roundup

Here's what's got us talking this week...

topboy Netflix labrum hackney wick FC

Labrum x Topboy x Hackney Wick FC

Critically acclaimed Netflix drama Top Boy has collaborated with LABRUM and Hackney Wick FC on a range of home and away shirts that spotlights local community. Mostly filmed in Hackney, Top Boy touches on real life issues in the area. Hackney Wick FC’s ethos is to help the local community, steering them away from gang influences. They hope the collaboration spreads a positive message of hope and opportunity. Inspired by traditional African art, the collection is adorned with zig-zag motifs to represent different cultures and communities coming together, alongside the Top Boy logo and the football club’s charity, Grassroots For Good.

hunter gaming colour nature outdoors

Hunter's Gaming Campaign

Hunter has unveiled the PLAY campaign, a collaboration with British gaming influencers that captures what gaming exploration would look like in the real world. Partnering with Alhan Gençay and Mia Monaghan, the campaign features a real-life stream and character menu with a selection of outdoor characters from fisherman to forager. The campaign targets Gen Z consumer groups, showcasing the label’s PLAY boots while centring nature and creativity.

longchamp x andre saravia collab colour DIY

Longchamp x André Saravia

Artist André Saraiva has partnered with Longchamp to produce a limited-edition bag collection covered in references from the artist’s popular Mr. and Mrs. A character. The whimsical range features playful design features in vibrant hues with graffiti spray graphics nodding to expressive French creative heritage.

meta Facebook store wood naturals

META Opens Permanent Store

Meta has opened a permanent Meta Store in Burlingame, California, selling virtual reality products, acting as a gateway to the metaverse. Customers will be able to try out games in the demo area with floor-to-ceiling LED screens connecting to the headset to reveal what the user sees. Visitors will also be able to try out Meta’s video-calling gadget Portal while also selling accessories from earphones to charging cables. The store encourages customers to experiment with a focus on experience as the company pivots from a social media company to a social metaverse company.

off-white beauty fragrance

Off-White Beauty

Off-White has launched its first beauty range with products acting as a universal toolkit for self-expression. Paperwork is a genderless range of fragrances, face and body crayon pigments and nail polish all tapping into the senses. The sensorial range aims to provide a customisable experience, harnessing creative freedom through uplifting colourways and playful design aesthetics.

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