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SS24 Beauty Webinar Preview

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Consumer Preferences are constantly evolving, making it essential for brands to keep up with needs and demands. Consumers are more switched on, more savvy and more demanding than ever before. We run through the SS24 Beauty Bigger Picture Thinking: Our 3 overarching ideas that are set shape the season.

Consumers are asking more of brands than ever before – sustainability, authenticity, innovation and relevancy on top of the long-standing demands for quality, value and

convenience. Furthermore, one size no longer fits all, as we seek out brands, organisations and spaces that serve our unique needs. Personalisation is key, from beauty and personal care formulations to bite-size packaging that encourages a mix-and-match approach. Finally, the focus on physical and mental wellbeing is increasingly strategic, as we consider what changes we can make for healthier, happier, longer lives.

With an overwhelming amount of information available to companies, it's vital to dissect what is most relevant and what it means to your brand. Join our future-facing event where we'll share the upcoming trends set to impact the beauty industry in the Spring Summer 2024 season. In our webinar you’ll discover an insight into our key themes, featuring key ingredients & treatments, muses, art direction & packaging, textures and product focusses to support your range-building and marketing direction for the season.

conscious creativity paint abstract art


Consumers are now more focused on mental health and wellbeing than ever before. The future of the industry will

combine and connect previously distinct pillars of health, and move towards a more democratised understanding of

what it means to put yourself first. Standards for wellbeing will redefine self-care as a social and environmental practice as much as a personal one.

comfort bed linen shadows peaceful


Inspired by ancient global traditions and a collective desire for a greater sense of

connection and compassion, to ourselves, to others and to the natural world, Mother Nature is born. Practices such as

Ayurveda are being redefined for modern consumers who are looking back to ancient traditions to improve wellness.

delicious monster plan watering can


As a result of readily accessible information surrounding beauty

ingredients, formulas, uses and practises, consumers now demand complete transparency from beauty brands and their operations. Whether that is clear, easy to read ingredient lists or open conversations on social media. Nice packaging and paid for testimonials no

longer cut it.

painting street art expressive


Beauty is now seen as a form of expression and not defined by gendered stereotypes. There is no beauty “mainstream”, no rules and no outdated ideals. Rather than chasing a perspective on how make-up should look, these consumers desire a spectacle. They’re experimenting and seeking escapism.



People are becoming more conscious to how wellness impacts communities, how it impacts the planet, and how it impacts the world around them. Urban and suburban communities emerge that not only allow inhabitants to subsist, but also

to actively augment their sense of wellbeing. Businesses should ensure the wellbeing of both people and place at every stage in the supply chain

In our webinar we unpacked the key themes and how these ideas are set to impact the beauty industry in a more literal way with a preview of colour, key ingredients and art direction & packaging for the spring summer 2024 season. To request the full recording, click here.

Our Beauty SS24 digital book explores the ever-evolving world if beauty, capturing the macro thinking set to shape the industry. We've pinpointed critical areas of focus within the forecast to offer concise insights and practical implementation across five seasonal themes. Click here to to discover more.


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