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Trendhub Home AW24/25: New Trend Book Preview


Each of our trend books starts with a digestible introduction to the season, outlining key shifts in consumer behaviour, specific to the market. These overarching ideas are set to impact the market throughout the course of this season.

Below we share an exclusive overview of the overarching ideas that will shape the AW24/25 season for Home:

IMAGINATIVE SPACES: The trend for hyper-organisation continues, re-conceptualising home spaces to suit individual needs, rather than traditional uses and layouts. Modularity, multi-functionality and focused design are key to making homes work harder.

LIVING VALUE: Consumers are considering the fundamentals of security, value and community as they make moves that range from practical to radical.

FREE-THINKING: Consumers are becoming more creative and personalised with how they update their homes, combining colour, self-expression, heritage and craft. At the same time, a wider shift away from perfectionism allows us to create homes in ways that layer our unique interests and culture with classic and contemporary design.


Following our big ideas and seasonal must haves, you’ll discover our key themes, featuring Materials & Finishes, Trims & Details, Form & Style , Print & Pattern Design Stories and Product Capsules. Each theme is rounded off by a concise trend checklist.

MATERIALS & FINISHES: An edit of the must-have materials and finishes across hard and soft products and surfaces. The key directions for each theme.

TRIMS & DETAILS : Showcasing key trims and finishing details, from hardware updates, hem treatments and essential textures to commercial material combinations.

FORM & STYLE: Highlighting key design elements within each theme, focussing on shape and texture across home furnishings and accessories.

PRINT & PATTERN DESIGN STORIES: The key print and pattern themes, including all-overs and graphic placements. Our books include a suite of downloadable original and editable artworks for each theme.

PRODUCT CAPSULES: Focussed design capsules, highlighting key product areas specific to each of our five seasonal themes. Designed to be applied to your range build, and to guide your seasonal marketing, and visual merchandising.

Want to unlock more? Click the "Discover More" banner below, where you will be passed on to one of our team who can help you out with a discovery session.


Designed as an extension of our main AW24/25 Home offering, Celebration focusses in on three key themes for the festive home this season. The five themes found in our main Home book are distilled and translated into three comprehensive stories for the holiday season. These themes are guided by the same big ideas and influences as the main Home book.


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