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The Weekly Roundup

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Here's what's got us talking this week...

Miu Miu Tennis CLub

Loewe Home Scents

The new Loewe Home Scents collection features self-taught gardener Charlie McCormick, and the plant-derived aromas pay tribute to his ever-growing garden, which features radiant collections of tulips, as well as fruits and vegetables. The candles are ideal for the open air, as they naturally deter mosquitos.

Aeire Smoothez Shapewear

Stella McCartney's Banana Bag

Stella McCartney is continuing to innovate and invest in leather alternatives with its first-ever bag crafted from Bananatex, a durable and waterproof fabric that is entirely natural, circular and plastic-free - and made from bananas. The vegan logo tote is embroidered with the brand’s Fungi Forest toile de Jouy print, which has been woven onto the Bananatex base using post-consumer recycled polyester thread.

Halsey AF94

Louis Vuitton Microscopic Bag

MSCHF have produced a Microscopic Handbag, which is so tiny that you need a microscope to see it. The bag is an accurate rendering of a Louis Vuitton OnTheGo handbag and measures about 657 by 222 by 700 micrometers, dimensions comparable to a single strand of human hair.

Mr Price Coca Cola

SKIMS Swim Selfridges Pop-Up

Skims has opened its first-ever European pop-up experience at Selfridges in London, where customers will be first to discover the SKIMS Swim collection. The Skims pop-up, located within The Selfridges Corner Shop, has been designed as a Los Angeles poolside oasis, featuring diving boards and palm tree structures.

Nike Style Seoul

LAFCO AI Fragrance

Home fragrance brand LAFCO launched a collection of deodorising room sprays formulated with the assistance of AI. The formula for each room spray was run through an algorithm that identifies notes that may accentuate bad smells like rubbish or feet, and balances them out with odour-neutralising notes instead, for maximum efficacy.

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