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Munich Fabric Start: Top 5

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Taking place twice a year in Munich’s sprawling exhibition centre, Munich Fabric Start brings together a wealth of commercial international fabric suppliers, innovators and speakers. Here, we give you our top five takeouts from the spring summer 2020 fabric showcase.

highlighter yellow bright fabric colour

Neon brights continue to dominate colour palettes, with yellow and green highlighter tones being key for spring summer 2020, coming through across a wide range of fabrics and designs including leopard prints, checks and jersey marls.

bright colourful animal prints

Animal prints remain big news for the spring summer 2020 season, with leopard and snake prints presented in fresh new colourways and in more sophisticated fabric bases such as devoré and silk blend twills.

tie-dye patterns fabric hoodie runway

Tie dyed wovens and sweats were shown in a wide range of colourways with icy sea-blues and intense reds being key. We see this having a big impact across streetwear, athleisure and denim ranges.

pearlescent fabric finish hologram

Iridescent and pearlescent finishes provide a directional look for spring summer 2020, coming through in metallic PUs and lightweight technical nylons; another colour and fabric theme we see working across streetwear and athleisure as well as footwear and accessories.

Munich fabric start colour denim

Coloured denim continues to make a big comeback, with washed back, mottled or ‘dirty’ pastel tones being key for spring summer 2020.


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