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Salone del Mobile - Key Takeouts

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Last week we attended the Salone del Mobile expo in Milan as we searched for the latest intel and design inspiration across the expansive show. Located in Rho Fiera, 2,000 exhibitors gather to display the best in living, kitchen, bedroom, outdoor, bathroom and workplace categories. From bio-materials to sensory focusses, we have selected some of our key takeouts from the expo.

Second Life Plastics

Material callouts across the trade fair spotlighted recycled, reclaimed and renewable innovation. Recycled plastic was a big part of this conversation, with displays emphasising recycled nylon Econyl. Likewise, furniture brand Pedrali presented recycled polypropylene chairs made of 50% plastic material post-consumer waste and 50% plastic material industrial waste. Similarly, plastic to textile brand, Reviva, educated about the damaging impact of plastic production and the importance of repurposing wasted material.

Timeless Design

Adaptability, functionality and versatility make up timeless pieces, reflecting the importance of long-lasting items that stand the test of time. Designers like Mario Ruiz and studio Feltrin+Delamiranda centred modularity, disassembling pieces to reveal their simplified structure. Meanwhile, renowned company Bosch harnessed the power of technology to bring simple solutions to everyday spaces, uniting elegant design with long-lasting quality.

Sensory Focus

Design with a sensory focus drives mindful practices through soothing colourways and technological advancements. Sound-proofing textiles by Snowsound and enclosed silhouettes by Luxy promote quiet and calm environments helping inhabitants to switch off. On the other hand, Raintunes demonstrated how touch, smell, sight and sound is targeted through its adjustable mood-inducing shower experience to trigger different feelings.

The Bio Boom

Design With Nature, an exhibition held by Salone del Mobile, highlighted a range of biomaterial innovations from fruit leather, fish scales, mycelium, bamboo and cork, spurring visitors to get hands-on with the materials as well as learn more about their benefits. Designers brought greenery into their showrooms as they presented ways to effortlessly bring nature into the home. Hydroponic growth offerings ignited new ways for those without a garden to get involved, especially those in the city, proposing new ways to grow from home.

Dopamine Shades

Vivid pairings seen throughout the show revealed themselves through dopamine pops and all-over statements across textiles, soft furnishings and broader decor schemes. Hyper-crafted pieces updated traditional weaving and ceramic techniques with an uplifting feel and a sense of bold expression. Experimental materials and silhouettes adopted the eye-catching, joyful hues from whimsically-saturated pastels to primary tones, with canary yellow being key.

To discover our key takeouts from Salone Del Mobile, contact the studio here to purchase our comprehensive tradeshow report, covering: key themes and colours, materials and finishes, and form and structure.

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