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Maison & Objet

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Evolutions of home and décor trends rang out across the seven halls of Paris’ Parc des expositions over the last week, offering a glimpse of what’s to come from well-known brands and independent creatives over the coming months. From outdoors indoors, creative repurposing and simplification, here, we highlight a few of our stand out brands and products from the show.

Muriel Ughetto takes diffusers to the next level with decorative feather trimmed diffuser tips that emulate a vase of flowers, showcased in neutral, black and vibrant green colourways.

Mobje create decorative objects using materials and techniques traditionally used in hat making. This makes each item malleable and able to be uniquely arranged by the owner. We were drawn to the joyful but soothing tones of the collection this season.

Utopia & Utility showcased unique pieces crafted by independent artisans, including one-of-a-kind decorative vessels made of etched and rippled coloured glass with textural raw wood necks.

Designer Yuma Kano showcased two material-focussed projects as part of a showcase of up-and-coming Japanese designers for Maison & Objet’s Rising Talent Award. The first, ‘Rust Harvest’, is an experimental project focussed on the limitless possibilities of rust in surface design. Secondly, ‘ForestBank’ is a composite material comprised of natural materials gathered from the forest floor, including roots, seeds, bark and earth.

Acoustic-furniture brand Lonaeh have created a series of customisable desks and tables made from ‘Compoplume’, a composite material created from crushed recycled badminton shuttlecocks, combined with raw wood scraps.

To discover our key takeouts from Maison & Objet, contact the studio here to purchase our comprehensive tradeshow report, covering: key themes and colours, materials and finishes, and form and structure.


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