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Retail Concepts: How to Engage the Changing Consumer?

As we see our five macro themes evolve, ideas of humour, connection and honesty pervade new retail and marketing ideas. These shifts are a key indicator of how the Revalue macro trend is manifesting, showing how design, messaging, merchandising and consumer engagement combine in new ways. Read on for highlights of our favourite retail concepts.

Modular Interiors

On-Off's Milan store is underpinned by a flexible gridded shelving system that allows the clothing brand to effortlessly change its displays to save waste. The design hopes to promote greater consciousness across retail stores with a more flexible and eco-friendly foundation approach.

Incremental but positive, change drives new approaches to retail and marketing. Lasting impacts are expected, while consumers appreciate a nudge in the right direction.

Gamified Shopping

Coach's Playland pop-up store in Harajuku, Tokyo, takes the vending machine experience to a luxury level. The vibrant store is inspired by Japanese kawaii culture, and its interactive approach gamifies the shopping experience. Small details and motifs pay tribute to the local community, bringing a warm and energetic feel.

The desire for more pleasure and fun is moving into new realms, while taking on a more activist tone. Cheerful messages offer new ways to tackle difficult issues, while playfulness becomes a way to improve inclusion and fight loneliness.

Cultural Hubs

Chinese fragrance brand Documents has opened a curated bookstore environment to complement its fragrance collections. The Shanghai space is designed to be a cultural hub, with regular events and activities that are creating buzz across WeChat. The store highlights the importance of harnessing community as part of wider brand storytelling strategies.

The importance of communities and local ecosystems comes to the fore. Brand activations are increasingly site-specific, while consumers look for new ways to connect to their heritage.

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