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The Weekly Roundup

Here's what's got us talking this week...

Miu Miu Tennis CLub

Heron Preston Launches L.E.D Studios

Heron Preston has launched L.E.D Studios, which will be a space to experiment with creative concepts using ‘less environmentally destructive’ practices. The studios will be part platform, part community, part innovation hub.

Aeire Smoothez Shapewear

Asics X Kiko Kostadinov

The Japanese sportswear giant has created a new unisex clothing line called Asics NOVALIS, alongside Kiko Kostadinov. This launch will be different to previous, featuring a high-end clothing fashion line that is designed out of a belief that "good clothes should be rooted in usefulness, comfort and pleasure,".

Halsey AF94

Selfridges Opens 'The Stock Market'

Selfridges has unveiled a new concept in its Corner Shop space called 'The Stock Market' that will allow customers to exchange, restore or upcycle clothing and accessories. The shop floor has been transformed into a ‘trading floor’ with towering 360 degree data-filled screens and desks, to encourage shoppers to enhance the value of their products.

Mr Price Coca Cola

Anti Social Social Club X DoorDash

Anti Social Social Club has partnered with DoorDash, the popular food delivery platform, to address their shipping issues. The collaboration will give customers in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami a chance to order exclusive products as easily as you can order lunch.

Nike Style Seoul

Angelina Jolie Launches Fashion Venture

Angelina Jolie is launching her new purpose-driven brand, Atelier Jolie, that aims to be a collective where everyone can create. The brand will utilise dead stock and tap into the abilities of refugees and under-appreciated groups, stemming from her own appreciation and respect for the tailors and makers she has worked with in the past.

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