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UNION-DNM Launches

Updated: May 21, 2021

Launching a brand is not a simple task, especially during a pandemic. But that’s where UNION-DNM dares to be different. The South African brand, sitting under The Foschini Group, held a virtual event last week to mark the launch of their latest denim lifestyle brand and they did not disappoint.

Priding itself on the principle of 'made better', the brand looks beyond obvious sustainable initiatives and challenges faced in fashion to insure it’s not only the collection that comes into consideration but the decision making throughout the process. During these challenging circumstances it looks to celebrate those seeking change whilst understanding the demands of a new aged lifestyle.

"The reason for UNION-DNM coming about at this time, is because we believe that this is an opportune time, it's a time for optimism, for positivity and enthusiasm, and we want to be associated with people who aspire to that." - Travel Rees, MD of TFG Men's Category

Founded by an in-house team of creatives and curators, the brand took a look at the ground root of their fabric source, ensuring all processes and production was done both locally, in South Africa, and by neighbouring countries such as Mauritius. Crafted combining premium denim with best quality materials and trims and latest innovations, UNION-DNM presents a brave, bold collection that challenges ordinary and thrives in change.

"We took a step back and thought, what is going to differentiate us? UNION-DNM is by no means and ordinary brand. Nothing is aspirational about being ordinary. We don't aspire to be normal, so we are willing to push the boundaries. We are willing to invest in innovation, whether it's in our fabrics or in the techniques of manufacturing." - Gary Henry, Product & Brand Lead

Shop the brand here, or follow them on instagram.


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