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Facebook Stockholm Presents: Refashion Your Thinking

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

BDA London was invited by Facebook’s Nordic fashion team to guest speak at their 'Refashion Your Thinking' seminar hosted in central Stockholm.

The event, which was the first fashion event to be hosted by Instagram in Sweden, brought together creatives from retail, brand, marketing and social media backgrounds to discuss the ongoing challenges retailers are facing.

Key topics focussed on were the lessons learnt from upcoming fashion disruptors, staying relevant in an age where inclusivity and diversity are key. How to build a fashion brand in times of uncertainty with BDA looking at the bigger picture and the effects of rapidly changing and complex world on the consumer.

Making decisions easier for the consumer, as well as the brands, was a common thread throughout the afternoon. We identified opportunities for brands to future-proof their businesses, from both short and long term perspectives, by looking outside the box and identifying new sub cultures and tribes to target and draw inspiration from.

COVID-19 presents mass uncertainty globally, especially within the retail space. We are constantly researching and being proactive in finding the best solutions to make your business reactive to a forever changing environment - contact us to discuss some of the topics in relation to your business.


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