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The Coronavirus Pandemic: Establishing A New Normal

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Global Responses & the Acceleration of Forecasted Shifts in Consumer Behaviour

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In our position as trend forecasters and brand strategists we are consistently focussed on the key events and innovations that are driving change in consumer behaviour. The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated and intensified key macro themes. In highly stressful periods our human instinct is ‘fight-or-flight’, but unable to either fight or escape, we are finding new ways to regain control of our lives, survive and even thrive. Time-affluence, support systems, new dressing habits and advanced ideas surrounding wellbeing and community have suddenly come to the fore.

In the first of a series of reports that look at Establishing a New Normal, we examine the key shifts brought about by living in lockdown - accepting uncertainty and adapting to new ways of living. We also begin to uncover some of the longer term shifts that we can expect to see emerging throughout the global recovery and beyond – what will matter in the near future, and how will we evolve?

In these uncertain times, seeking clarity and making strategic decisions are vital to ensuring positive outcomes. Looking at opportunities for the future and establishing meaningful connections is key.

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To request a copy of our report, Establishing A New Normal, and to explore what this means to your business, get in touch with


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