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The Weekly Roundup

Here's what's got us talking this week...

Miu Miu Tennis CLub

Harrods Open Prada Caffé

Prada has opened “Prada Caffé” in collaboration with Harrods, celebrating the brand’s 100-year anniversary. The fashion house will serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and aperitivo, until the end of 2023. The signature Prada interior is inspired by the Milan flagship boutique in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Aeire Smoothez Shapewear

Stella McCartney Iridescent BioSequins Jumpsuit

British fashion brand, Stella McCartney, has unveiled a sleeveless bodysuit embellished with Radiant Matter's bioplastic sequins made from tree cellulose, called BioSequins. The sequins were developed by biomaterials company, Radiant Matter, as an alternative to the petroleum-based plastic options on the market, which can contain harmful carcinogenic chemicals.

Mr Price Coca Cola

Selfridges Exclusive Elton John Exhibition

Selfridges has opened a pop-up store in The Selfridge Corner shop, showcasing archive pieces from Elton John’s career and offering shoppers a unique experience to immerse themselves, shop and celebrate. The collaboration pays “a homage to the legacy of an icon”, celebrating the kick-off of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road UK tour.

Nike Style Seoul

Heinz Develops Red Tattoo Ink

Heinz is launching its very own red tattoo pigment based on the company’s official Pantone colour, using carefully-selected non-harmful ingredients. Working with tattoo ink manufacturer Electric Ink, Heinz developed the pigment with the same approach in caring for ingredients as it does when making ketchup. The idea came as a response to growing restrictions and bans on ingredients used in tattoo inks, with red ink notorious for being the most problematic colour.

Halsey AF94

Netflix Testing TV Games Using Phones as Controllers

Netflix is set to launch more than 40 mobile game titles in 2023 with 86 additional games currently being developed. Netflix plans for its gaming platform to be an extension into the cloud that will reach other devices where people experience Netflix, involving the company playing with the idea of using phones as a controller for TV games.

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