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What's On: London Exhibitions

Updated: Mar 17

Our roundup of the best exhibitions to visit in London this Easter and beyond. From tropical modernism to trailblazing artists, there is creative inspiration for all tastes.


Yoko Ono: ‘Music of the Mind’

Where? Tate Modern

When? February 15-September 1

Cost? £22 | Free for members

About -

Yoko Ono is a trailblazer of early conceptual and participatory art, film and performance, a celebrated musician, and a formidable campaigner for world peace. Yoko Ono's ideas are central to her art, expressed in poetic, humorous, profound and radical ways. This exhibition is the UK’s largest exhibition celebrating key moments in her career, from the mid-1950s to now – including her years in London where she met her future husband and longtime collaborator John Lennon.


Judy Chicago: ‘Revelations’

Where? Serpentine

When? May 22-Sep 1 2024

Cost? FREE

About - Serpentine will present an exhibition of trailblazing artist, author, educator and feminist icon Judy Chicago, one of the most provocative and influential artists working today, known for challenging the male-dominated landscape of the art world by making work that was boldly from a woman’s perspective. Her feminist art is filled with trippy swirling colours and clever conceptual installations. This will be her first solo show at a major London institution. 


Van Gogh: ‘Poets and Lovers’

Where? National Gallery

When? Sep 14 2024-Jan 19 2025

Cost? FREE for members

About - This year be blown away by Van Gogh’s most spectacular paintings in our once-in-a-century exhibition. The National Gallery will be bringing together the most loved of Van Gogh’s paintings from across the globe, some of which are rarely seen in public. They will be paired together with his extraordinary drawings. Walk with a pair of lovers beneath a starry night or look up at swirling clouds and trees swaying in the wind.


Post-colonial architecture: Tropical Modernism

Where? V&A.

When? 2 March-22 September

Cost? £14pp

About - Tropical Modernism was an architectural style developed in the hot, humid conditions of West Africa in the 1940s. After independence, India and Ghana adopted the style as a symbol of modernity and progressiveness, distinct from colonial culture. As we look to a new future in an era of climate change, might Tropical Modernism, an architectural style developed in the late 1940s, serve as a useful guide?


Aria Dean: ‘Abattoir’

Where? ICA

When? 8 February-5 May

Cost? £5pp

The centrepiece of this young American artist’s debut UK exhibition is a trippy video journey through a 3D animated abattoir. The presentation includes two artworks related to the artist’s investigation of the foundational relationship between death and modernity on conceptual and material levels.



Where? Dulwich Picture Gallery

When? February 13 - June 2

Cost? £17.50pp

About - This exhibition pulls together leading artists Hurvin Anderson, Phoebe Boswell, Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Kimathi Donkor, Isaac Julien, Marcia Michael, Mónica de Miranda and Alberta Whittle for a celebration of the enduring power of landscape painting. Soulscapes will explore our connection with the world around us, highlighting the power of landscape art.


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