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What's On: London Exhibitions

Updated: Jan 31

Our roundup of the best exhibitions to visit in London this February and beyond. From bamboo-filled courtyards to an examination of cuteness, there is creative inspiration for all tastes.


Zheng Bo: 'Bamboo as Method'

Where? Somerset House

When? 22 Feb - 28 Apr 2024

Cost? FREE

About - Somerset House will be turning its courtyard into a bamboo-filled garden offering a tranquil spot in the centre of London. The immersive installation is a new large-scale commission from Hong Kong-based artist Zheng Bo that ‘invites visitors to temporarily disconnect from their fast-paced, hyper-connected everyday lives by immersing themselves in the biosphere’. 


Barbara Kruger: Thinking of You. I Mean Me. I Mean You.

Where? Serpentine South

When? February 1 to March 17

Cost? FREE

About - Artist Barbara Kruger's work critiques popular culture, addressing the viewer directly as a way of exposing the power dynamics within identity, desire, and consumerism. Kruger’s large-scale commission displays bold textual statements about truth, belief and power, and is her first institutional solo show in London for 20 years.



Where? Somerset House

When? January 25 to April 14

Cost? £11pp

About - From Hello Kitty to big-eyes emojis, the CUTE exhibition explores the irresistible rise of cuteness, and the way "it seeks to enhance, disrupt and re-imagine the world we live in today". Bringing together contemporary artworks and cultural phenomena such as music, fashion, toys, video games and social media, the show considers the emotive charge of cuteness, revealing its extraordinary and complex power.   


When Forms Come Alive

Where? Hayward Gallery

When? February 7 to May 6

Cost? £18pp

About - Inspired by sources ranging from a dancer’s gesture to the breaking of a wave, from a flow of molten metal to the interlacing of a spider’s web, the artworks in When Forms Come Alive conjure fluid and shifting realms of experience. Spanning over 60 years of sculpture, the exhibition includes works from Phyllida Barlow, Teresa Solar Abboud and EJ Hill.


Unravel: The Power and Politics of Textiles in Art

Where? Barbican

When? February 14 to May 26

Cost? £18pp

About - Through work by influential artists such as Magdalena Abakanowicz, Louise Bourgeois, Judy Chicago, Tracey Emin and Cecilia Vicuña to Yinka Shonibare, this show will shine a light on artists from the 1960s to today "who have explored the transformative and subversive potential of textiles".


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