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FemTech Futures 2023 Live Event

Last week, at StackWorld HQ in London, we joined a host of female entrepreneurs, journalists and thought leaders to discuss the highly anticipated Ultra Violet Futures 2023 FemTech report. Ultra Violet is the first ever agency to commit to solely researching the FemTech space. Welcomed with CBD infused cocktails by wellness start-up Trip, Ultra Violet founders Anna and Rhiannon talked us through their predictions for where the FemTech industry is heading on its journey to become a $1 trillion industry.

“Ultra Violet Futures is not here to predict the future, but to provide unique perspectives on the main drivers influencing product development, consumer attitudes and technology within FemTech. In this report we aim to provide a snapshot of how the industry will look in 2023. We track the growth of the double x economy alongside the introduction of newly FDA approved drugs and highlight the voices of change in each hypothesis. FemTech is on a trajectory of radical change, and this is where it starts.

During the 40-minute discussion, it was clear that 2023 will be a point of radical inclusivity. Despite its namesake, FemTech touches on the diverse experiences of all those not properly represented within past wellness technology and the medical patriarchy – “Generation information is stepping away from what has been told to them to discover their own truths.” The pursuit for inclusivity within the sector is now being led by people who identify in minority categories, and will therefore be propelled into a dramatic overhaul. Alongside this, other macrotrends spoken about included Hybrid Health, the Well-th Economy and Alternative Therapies.

Watch out for our Macro and Beauty trendbooks launching later this year to see how we believe these ideas and innovations will impact across the market.


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