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Trendhub Menswear AW24/25: New Trend Book Preview

Updated: Apr 6, 2023


Each of our trend books starts with a digestible introduction to the season, outlining key shifts in consumer behaviour, specific to the market. These overarching ideas are set to impact the market throughout the course of this season.

Below we share an exclusive overview of the overarching ideas that will shape the AW24/25 season for menswear:

VITALITY - We are rapidly gaining greater insights into our overall wellbeing and energy levels. This greater awareness, driven by fine-tuning in technology, enables us to become more familiar with how we are feeling and what we can improve on.

HYBRID SELVES - The fashion industry is delving head first into the Metaverse, exploring virtual events, product drops and collaborations. Brands are striving to build loyal followings within the Metaverse, where they can not only sell their products, but can also create spaces for consumers to socialise and express themselves creatively.

END-TO-END TRANSPARENCY - In the past, garment labels have carried unclear and inaccurate messages. Environmental labelling for consumer goods is one of the latest initiatives to take off in the quest to drive positive change within the clothing market.


Following our big ideas and seasonal must-haves, you’ll discover our key themes, featuring key influences to the theme, a complete colour toolkit, fabric and trim direction, curated print and pattern stories, original print collections, and suggested product focusses to support your range-building and marketing directions for the season. Each theme is rounded off by a concise trend checklist.

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