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Trendhub Active SS25: New Trend Book Preview

Updated: May 4


Each of our trend books starts with a digestible introduction to the season, outlining key shifts in consumer behaviour specific to the market. These overarching ideas are set to impact the activewear market throughout the season.

Below, we share an exclusive overview of the overarching ideas that will shape the SS25 season for Active:

ACTIVE-ISM - Activewear brands are becoming more political, taking key concerns of wellbeing, nature and equality to the next level.

PEACEFUL - A trend towards “Soft Life”, first captured by Nigerian social media influencers, has spread to a wider aspiration for a serene approach to living. Wellbeing, ease and joy are key to the new attitude, with a strong emphasis on rest.

LONGEVITY - Our decisions today create the future we will live in, a perspective that is shaping sectors as diverse as fashion, architecture, philanthropy and agriculture. In health and wellbeing, long-term thinking is shaping the workouts and body goals of consumers.


Following our big ideas and seasonal must-haves, you’ll discover our key themes, featuring key influences, a complete colour toolkit, fabric and trim direction, curated print and pattern stories, original print collections and product capsule ideas to support your range-building and marketing directions for the season. Each theme is rounded off by a concise trend checklist.

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