Trendhub Active AW24/25: New Trend Book Preview

Updated: Nov 16

Read and watch below for an exclusive look at the themes set to impact the activewear industry for AW24/25 across men’s and womenswear. We delve into the changing consumer preferences and emerging innovations that shape the season’s big ideas, the key drivers behind our season’s themes, as well as our overriding view on colour, fabric and print direction for the Autumn Winter 24/25 season.


Each of our trend books starts with a digestible introduction to the season, outlining key shifts in consumer behaviour, specific to the market. These overarching ideas are set to impact the market throughout the course of this season.

Below we share an exclusive overview of the overarching ideas that will shape the AW24/25 season for activewear:

ELITE ACTIVE: Activewear continues to move into new areas of the market, influencing a new swathe of streetwear brands and designer collaborations, while changing perspectives on exclusive enclaves.

FINDING JOY: Active pursuits are becoming more joyful and exuberant, shaking off the seriousness of competition while building community bonds and individual confidence.

EVERY BODY: As part of a larger shift towards embracing imperfection, the health and wellness space is becoming more inclusive and less judgmental. A more thoughtful approach to rest and exercise is emerging, welcoming a wider range of bodies and experiences into the fold.


Following our big ideas and seasonal must haves, you’ll discover our five key themes, featuring influences, look and feel, colour, fabrics, trims, print and pattern, and key product capsules. Each theme is rounded off by a concise trend checklist.

INFLUENCES: Highlighting the key drivers behind the theme, from conceptual projects to cultural references.

LOOK & FEEL: Setting the scene for the theme with an overarching look and feel.

COLOUR: Fully referenced colour palettes, supported by highlights for his and her collections, and key colour harmonies.

FABRICS, TRIMS & DETAILS: Clear fabric stories and directions for key trims and details.

PRINT & PATTERN: The key print and pattern stories, including all-overs and graphic placements. We include inspiration and editable original artworks.

PRODUCT CAPSULES: Highlighting key product focus areas specific to the theme.

KEY LOOKS: The defining looks for the season. Here, we highlight the key products and outfit builds, complete with editable CADs.

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